Technology Advantage
Cornerstone uses the latest technology to provide quality results.
Cornerstone Credit Services recognizes that in order to be competitive in today’s fast-paced and ever changing world, our agency must be committed to not only quality personnel, but also to leading edge technology.

Cornerstone Credit Services utilizes the most extensive information technology resources available among our peers. Our technology runs off of IBM X series servers with RAID technology. This provides us with “hot swappable” disk drives and redundant power supplies, which virtually guarantees no hardware downtime. Our data is stored on multiple drives simultaneously, allowing us to continue operation in the event of a hardware failure. All of our systems are protected by Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and our servers and related hardware are housed in a secured area that is climate controlled.

Another key piece of our technology is BMR Software. BMR creates exact, complete images of our servers and workstations including the operating system files, programs, databases, and settings, enabling the recovery of an entire system in minutes.

From acceptance of account data to delivery of client-specific monthly reports, Cornerstone utilizes the latest technology to efficiently and accurately provide the highest quality results.

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