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Our customer service and support department is here to help.
Cornerstone Credit Services is proud of its customer service policy. It is amazingly simple. Customer service is the first and foremost service we provide to our clients. This philosophy is ingrained into every aspect of our business. We believe that our success, growth, and corporate health are contingent on our clients’ satisfaction. Our clients are the foundation of our business. Our experience in the industry, and more specifically in Alaska, is unparalleled.

Cornerstone’s customer service and support department is located at its main office in Anchorage. Our client service staff has an extensive background in assisting our customers with a wide range of inquiries including billing questions, product and service inquiries, and even complaint resolution. We also emphasize outbound, proactive client contact to promote and strengthen trusting, dynamic client relationships.

Beyond our technology and experience, the collection industry is still very much a people business, built on relationships and trust. Once given the opportunity to demonstrate the resources and dedication we commit to our clients, you will quickly recognize the added value our staff will bring to your existing customer service and receivables team.

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