Client Services Online
Check the status of your accounts real time.
Client Services Online offers much more than the ability to view account information. Using this service, clients could:

  • Enter accounts on an individual basis, or in quantity
  • Submit direct payments
  • Instantly message Cornerstone
Cornerstone uses the power of the Internet to enhance our clients’ ability to securely exchange information. Using an Internet connection and browser, clients can view information, update accounts, and access the following account and client information real-time:

  • Inquire on the status of accounts by name, social security number, and telephone number
  • Account action summary
  • Client specific A/R: amount owed, delinquency, amount due client
  • Client statistics: month-to-date and year-to-date
  • Client actuary report, which provides an overview of new, paid, and cancelled accounts and recovery numbers
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