Check Services
Accept checks with confidence.
Cornerstone Credit Services is the leader in check acceptance solutions.

  • Check Recovery Service – Cornerstone provides a commission-free check collection recovery service. Because Cornerstone represents many Alaskan businesses that accept checks, we are able to utilize our internal systems to locate bad check debtor accounts quickly and effectively.
  • Standard Check Guarantee—Never take a bad check again. Accept checks from all U.S. territories and Canada; enjoy the highest approvals in the industry, and it takes only seconds to get it; 24 / 7 customer service; simple claim submittal. Standard Check Guarantee delivers all of this at affordable rates.
  • Check Conversion with Guarantee—Check conversion offers a convenient, efficient and secure way to manage your checks. This service allows paper checks to be converted to an Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, at the point-of-sale. The information on the check is automatically captured and prepared for automatic submission to the ACH. Eliminate your need to go to the bank to paper deposit your checks! And along with it, enjoy the safety that check guarantee provides.

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